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Shrine of Pompeii

Hotel near Pontifical Shrine BV of S. Rosary of Pompeii.

An icon of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei (high 120 cm andwide 100cm) presents the image of the Madonna with Jesus in her arms andat his feet Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Sienna. The Virgin is holding out in her left hand the rosary to St. Catherine, while Jesus, leaning on his right leg, hands it to St. Dominic.

In this context we can recognize three main areas. The space above, where the humble but solemn figure of Mary enthroned invites the Church to take you to the mystery of the Trinity. The space below is that of the Church, the mystical body, the family that has its head in Jesus, his Spirit in the bond, its leading member in Mary and her Mother. Lateral space, represented by the strings, brings to the world, history, towards which the Church has the debt to be "Sacrament", offering the service of the Gospel to build a city worthy of man. The road connecting these spaces is the Rosary, praying synthesis of writing, almost as a foundation post at the foot of the throne, and delivered by the Son and the Mother as a way of meditation and assimilation of Mystery. This icon was given to Bartolo Longo by Sister Mary Concetta De Lital, the Convent of RosarielloPorta Medina of Naples.

The sister had had custody of his father Albert Radente, confessor of the Blessed. To carry it to Pompeii, Longo entrusted to the carter Angelo Tortora that wrapped it in a sheet and placed it on a cart of manure. It was November 13, 1875, date of birth of the New Pompeii, remembered each year with a day of prayer, during which the faithful worship directly admitted to the scoreboard, their hopes rely on Virgin. It's amazing to see how, from the early morning hours, thousands and thousands of people of every age, origin and social class, place neatly in line and wait, even several hours and sometimes in very difficult weather conditions, to be more Madonna and neighbors to express affection with their innermost feelings.

The picture, however, needed a renovation and was placed for veneration by the faithful only February 13, 1876. The same day, at Naples, was the first miracle through the intercession of Our Lady of Pompeii: the twelve ClorindaLucarelli, considered incurable by the illustrious Professor. Antonio Cardarelli, fully healed from terrible epileptic seizures. Later, Bartolo Longo entrusted the icon to the Neapolitan painter Federico Maldarelli for further restoration, also asked to transform the original Santa Rosa, Santa Caterina da Siena.

In 1965, it was made, the Pontifical Institute of the Benedictine Fathers Olivetani of Rome, a highly scientific restoration, during which, under the colors overlapped in previous speeches, were discovered the original colors that reveal the hand of a talented artist Luke School Jordan (XVII century). That same year, April 23, the panel was crowned by Pope Paul VI in St. Peter's Basilica. In 2000, the 125th anniversary, the panel has stayed for five days in the Cathedral of Naples, where he was revered by thousands of faithful.

Return to Pompeii was done by feet, following the route of 1875, with several stops in the cities of the province. Throughout the day hundreds of thousands of people crowded the route of thirty kilometers separating Pompeii from the capital. When, at night, the panel is back to Pompeii, he was greeted by a festive city.

On October 16, 2002, the panel returned to St. Peter's Square for the explicit request of Pope John Paul II, who, next to "beautiful image venerated at Pompeii," has signed the Apostolic Letter RosariumVirginisMariae, in which he introduced the five new mysteries of light, and opened the Year of the Rosary. Even during his second pilgrimage to Pompeii, October 7, 2003, Pope John Paul II was welcomed on stage placed in front of the icon of Basilica of Our Lady in Pompeii, which he loved so much.

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Pompeii Excavations

Hotel near the entrance of archeological excavations: A Windows on History


Shrine of Pompeii

Hotel near Pontifical Shrine BV of S. Rosary of Pompeii.

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